Our Name
Our Name reflects our services and philosophy. We are a team of Lawyers, organized under the leadership and name of the owner, John C. Moore, for the purposes of providing individual and collaborative legal representation for our clients, in a variety of areas of the law, providing legal representation for real people.

Our Team
We work as a team. You will find us professional, personable and accessible. Your file will not be given off to a legal assistant. Your phone calls will be returned promptly and as soon as possible.

Our Goal
Our working goal is to "underpredict and overproduce"; this means that our goal is to provide to you at least what we suggest as legal outcomes for your case, and hopefully, better. No lawyer can promise certain results, but our experience is that no law firm will work harder, and more personally, on your case, and on your behalf. You are not just another file or client.

Our Experience
You will receive our individual and combined legal skills and expertise. Combined, our attorneys have almost 40 years of experience in legal representation and work.